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From CJH Kelnar (Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology at Edinburgh University and one of the editors of `Growth Disorders’ (2008).


Thanks Laurence. I was at the awards last night - unfortunately we  were pipped for first prize by the well established major U.S. adult  endocrinology textbook but that was no disgrace and it was nice to  come 'second' and be highly commended. Thank you for all your work in  indexing the volume which was done to a high standard and has  contributed to the book's success.


Kind regards,




From Ian T McGrath on `Lymphoid Neoplasms’ (2010)


(written to editor at Hodder Arnold Publishers)


It seems pretty comprehensive.  I did a few tests and found what I was looking for.  It is a huge task and the indexer has done a great job.


Thanks and best wishes


From C P Panayiotopoulos MD PhD FRCP on  `A Clinical Guide to Epileptic Syndromes and Their Treatment’ (2010)


Dear Laurence,


I was very pleased to hear from you. I indeed have been praising for many years now for your magnificent work in my books.  More recently, I have also tried to recommend you for my Atlas of Epilepsies but it finally came out with a horrible index. Unfortunately, it appears to me, publishers are trying to save money by avoiding employing professional indexers like you. 


An index is a significant part and value of any book.  Myself, having written and edited a significant number of publications on Epilepsies, I have no doubt in my mind that the indexes of those made by Dr. Laurence Errington have been the most complete and informative of anything else. This is the reason that I warmly recommend him to my publishers and I have only praise for him.


With best regards




From John Harrison (editor at Nova Legal on `The walking guide to Lawyers’ London - 2010)


Dear Laurence,


You are a 'Star' I promise not to drop another book on you like this again, we have turned the whole thing around in record time. I really appreciate what you have done it looks superb to me. I have passed the index  to the author and await his comments. I note you comments re: Turnover lines. I will make sure these are picked up by the type setters. The invoice is fine I will ensure that this is paid promptly. Once again thank you for taking on this demanding job, future projects will be more conventional.


Kind regards.





From John Holman MA FRSC on `Chemistry in Context’ (2000).


Dear Dr Errington


This is to thank you for the excellent job you did on the index for the 5th Edition of Chemistry in Context. I was delighted when Nelson’ told us that, following our request, they had engaged your services as indexer of this new edition.


A really comprehensive and user-friendly index is enormously important in a book like Chemistry in Context - still I'm glad to say, the leading A level Chemistry textbook.  Your work on this new edition is every bit as good as in the earlier edition, and I'm most grateful to you for doing such a professional job.


Yours sincerely


John Holman


From Dr Sidha Sambandan (MB; BS; MRCS; LRCP; AM; DFFP; FRCS; FRCGP) on `Surgery in the Surgery’(1999).


Dear Laurence,


Re: Index for "Surgery in the Surgery"


I wish to thank you for the excellent indexing of my book.  It was comprehensive and well thought out. Two of my colleagues who looked at the index to check whether there was anything written on latex allergy, and anticoagulants, decided to purchase the book since you had that included too.  It is not easy to find a person who has the medical knowledge and the skills of indexing. Thank you for the phenomenal effort.


Wishing you all success for the future


Yours sincerely


Dr Sidha Sambandan


From Alistair Brewis (Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle) on `Respiratory Medicine’ (1995).


Dear Dr Errington


Respiratory Medicine - Second Edition


I was pleased to learn that you were again doing the index to the Second Edition.  The first index worked very well and I remarked on this at the time. I was pleased to see that you were mentioned in at least one review.


The second index seems right up to standard.  Proof reading an index is a taxing business and I tackled it by random challenge.  It passed the test very well. I’ve every confidence it will pass the test again in the reader's hands - a key factor in the success of a reference text book.

Many thanks again for giving it your expert attention.

Yours sincerely

Alistair Brewis

From Dr Hani Zakhour MD FRCPath (Wirral Clinical Pathology Laboratories) on `Diagnostic Cytopathology of the Breast’ (1999).

Dear Dr Errington


Having now completed the review of the manuscript and the attached index list which you have kindly submitted, I write to express my sincere thanks for an excellent end result.  The index is comprehensive and appears to have captured, without exception, the main points and entries in the textbook but also was fair to the minute details. I am well aware how an index can greatly enhance the usability of a textbook and have tested your index extensively and can wholeheartedly say that I was most pleased with the result.


Thank you very much for a job which is well done. It is very much appreciated by myself and my co-author Dr Clive Wells and we hope we will have the opportunity to work with you in the future.


Yours sincerely





From Dr B Corrin MD FRCPath (Imperial College School of Medicine: National Heart and Lung Institute, London) on `Pathology of  the Lungs’ (1999).


Dear Dr Errington


I thought that I should write to thank you for indexing my forthcoming book 'Pathology of the Lungs', which Churchill Livingstone tell me they will have on the bookstands in September. I am very grateful for skills you brought to bear on this difficult task and the efficient and rapid turnaround you achieved. Many thanks indeed. I hope that we will be able to collaborate again in future.


Yours sincerely


B Corrin MD FRCPath

Emeritus Professor of  Histopathology


From Professor F Cervero (Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology, faculty of  medicine in Madrid) on `Nociceptors’ (1996).


Dear Dr Errington


Thank you very much for preparing the Index for the book Neurobiology of Nociceptors that I am editing with Professor Carlos Belmonte, for Oxford University Press.


Even though this is a highly specialised scientific monograph, you produced a very accurate and well organised index that did not need any further work from us.  Both Professor Belmonte and myself are very pleased with the index as it reflects extremely well the contents of the different contributions and will be very helpful to the readers to find the entries in the chapters.


Thank you very much for this splendid contribution to our book


Yours sincerely


Fernando Cervero (Prof.)


From Jatin P Shah MD FACS (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center New York) on `Head and NeckSurgery’ (1996).


Dear Dr. Errington:


I am writing to you to express my sincere appreciation in compiling the index for the 2nd Edition of my book "Head and Neck Surgery" which recently won the First Award from the Royal Society of Medicine in the Atlas Category in the year 1996. I am indeed greatly honored and feel privileged to be the author of this award-winning book.


Needless to say, numerous individuals are responsible in winning this award and I share this with each and every one of them.  You are among those individuals whose significant contribution in compiling the index for the book made a winning entry. I know what an arduous and laborious task it is to develop a comprehensive, all-inclusive and accurate index for a highly technical book in this subspecialty.  You have done that job remarkably well and indeed your efforts in terms of the completeness of the index and its accuracy are commendable. I want to express my sincere personal appreciation for your diligence in putting the index together which is an essential facet in the overall quality of the book.


I hope you will continue to work with me in future publications and hopefully we can put together more informative new publication in the future to enhance the knowledge of future generations of head and neck surgeons and the medical profession at large.


With kindest personal regards and best wishes.


Sincerely yours,


Jatin P. Shah, M.D.

Chief, Head and Neck Service

Professor, CUMC

Elliot W. Strong Chair in Head and Neck Oncology




From Professor JCE Underwood MD FRCPath (Dept. of  Pathology, University of Sheffield) on ‘General and Systemic Pathology’ (1999).


Dear Dr Errington


I write to thank you for your excellent work on the index for the third edition of my textbook "General and Systematic Pathology." I am sure that this will contribute significantly to the book's anticipated success.


Best wishes,


Yours sincerely



J C E Underwood

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